After a series of events occurred in my life of late from a change of Countries and a change in Career it has become ever so clear that Change is the essence of life. Some changes we can prevent and some changes we cannot prevent as life unfolds the ever changing chapter of our own tale.  So it got me thinking about “Change” on all levels. Change is a very broad topic as one can change voluntarily and then on the other spectrum one can change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

However having the choice; change is a choice we make to usually take us to a more positive outcome so the choice to change is for a better result. After much reflection I have decided to change a few more things in my life to provide a safer environment for my body as well as the air we breathe to the chemicals we are consuming. This small change of choice will have profound health benefits internally and externally

“Watch your thoughts as they become your words, watch your words as they become your actions, watch your actions as they become your habits, watch your habits as they become your destiny.” Ghandi

If you are looking for a change or are going through a change one thing that always helps any change in life I find is exercise/ YOGA!!! 

“You can always change and become a better version of yourself”-Madonna